TCN to be Featured by The Economic Report

Aug 27, 2008

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August 27, 2008, Deerfield Beach, FL – The producers of The Economic Report are pleased to announce that TCN Broadcasting will be featured in an upcoming segment on topics, trends and issues related to “Taking Your Business to the Next Level” as part of the show’s Telecom Solutions for the 21st Century series.

As global competition increases and companies strive for differentiating factors to set themselves apart, they’re often seeking better technology and professional services that will make a difference to their bottom line. TCN Broadcasting was chosen to participate in the segment because of their innovative approach to providing such technology and service.

As a leader in the Voice Broadcasting industry since 1999, TCN Broadcasting is recognized worldwide as the preeminent global provider of on-demand, end-to-end Interactive Voice Communication (IVC) solutions. Their cutting-edge communication technology has rendered expensive hardware, subscription software and crowded call centers obsolete.

“Telecommunications technologies are currently undergoing an unprecedented revolution that is leveling the playing field across contact and call center verticals on a global scale,” says Terrel Bird, President & CEO of TCN Broadcasting. “The emerging Software as a Service (SaaS) model promises companies of any size access to the most cutting edge technologies that were once the domain of only very large organizations. The overall cost of ownership is practically leveled.”

Automotive, collections, medical, education, marketing, political and software industries can contact and interact with thousands of customers in minutes using a single computer with Internet access. Users log on to a secure account on TCN’s website, upload or create a custom call list, select a custom, professional message and initiate the automated calls. They can also create custom dial plans using TCN’s newest ground-breaking technology, P3 Conditional Dial Strategies, wherein successive call attempts are automatically initiated based upon user preference. Companies can ask customers to press number keys to connect to many different departments within the company, or to respond to layered surveys and make automated payments.

The five-minute segment will address the voice communication challenges various industries face and will feature the phone and messaging technologies and solutions offered by TCN Broadcasting. Interviews will include Mr. Bird and other company representatives.

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TCN is a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide. Founded in 1999, TCN combines a deep understanding of the needs of call center users with a highly affordable delivery model, ensuring immediate access to robust call center technology, such as predictive dialer, IVR, call recording, and business analytics required to optimize operations and adhere to TCPA regulations. Its äóìalways-onäó cloud-based delivery model provides customers with immediate access to the latest version of the TCN solution, as well as the ability to quickly and easily scale and adjust to evolving business needs. TCN serves various Fortune 500 companies and enterprises in multiple industries, including newspaper, collection, education, healthcare, automotive, political, customer service, and marketing.