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Jun 25, 2013

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TCN has a solution for any of your customer service needs.

Our services include:

Inbound Calling Solutions. From sales, order processing, billing and payments, or simply answering questions, you may be interested in inbound call solutions. Depending on your budget for services, these call centers can be set up within your company, offsite or even overseas to assist in handling the calls from your customers.

Outbound Calling Solutions. Outbound Call Centers provide a wide variety of benefits to your company. Outbound call centers allow your company to be proactive in selling products, collections, customer care, and much more. The call center department can be outsourced anywhere in the world, depending on your budget, or can be onsite if you choose.

Debt Collection Services. In most cases, your first contact with a debtor is your best chance to collect on the debt. For this reason, you should have the best agents and the tools necessary to make the most out of that initial contact. TCN can ensure that your efforts to collect are a success. TCN can provide your company with dialing services that can greet your customer with courteous and professional pre-recorded messages, or leave the message in their voice mail box. This dialing service can incorporate any necessary data pertaining to the debtor into the message.

Automotive Repair Shop Phone Solutions. Automated message delivery can be extremely helpful in the automotive business. The service can deliver a pre-recorded message to many customers at one time. The system can be used to deliver maintenance reminders, scheduling or cancelling appointments, warranty renewals and even to let your customers know their vehicle is ready to be picked up. Automated message delivery can also be used to inform your customers of new products or services you offer or even vehicle recalls that require service.

Event Notifications. Launching a new exhibit, product or service? Have a major event coming up and need to generate more traffic? Don’t waste money hiring staff to make phone calls or mail out flyers. Don’t waste time and energy going door to door to draw people to your event. TCN has a much easier solution. Don’t wait for the word to spread, let us spread the word for you! If you are looking to reach an audience and generate traffic to your event, TCN can help with event notifications.

The best part about our services is that you will not need to purchase any new equipment or train any employees. We do all the hard work for you! See the demo, and try it for free here.

About the Author: TCN

TCN is a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide. Founded in 1999, TCN combines a deep understanding of the needs of call center users with a highly affordable delivery model, ensuring immediate access to robust call center technology, such as predictive dialer, IVR, call recording, and business analytics required to optimize operations and adhere to TCPA regulations. Its äóìalways-onäó cloud-based delivery model provides customers with immediate access to the latest version of the TCN solution, as well as the ability to quickly and easily scale and adjust to evolving business needs. TCN serves various Fortune 500 companies and enterprises in multiple industries, including newspaper, collection, education, healthcare, automotive, political, customer service, and marketing.