Make the Switch to the Cloud | Part 1

Jan 07, 2014

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Getting Your Business Running on the Cloud in One Day: Three Easy Steps Part 1

According to this article from Open Forum, moving your business to a cloud dialer system doesn’t need to take months and months. Rather, you can make the switch to the cloud in three easy steps, which you could do in a day (not that you should, just that you could). You can move your entire business to the cloud without any delays.

Step 1: Prepare your business

In order to make the smoothest transition to the cloud you need to do an inventory of all the applications that your business uses. Divide your applications into three categories: apps you use daily, apps you use monthly, and apps that you rarely use or use only for special occasions.

Apps you use daily:

For the apps that you use daily, like word processors, accounting and phone services, you will want to directly port your information. If you cannot directly port your information, you’ll want to find a full replacement in the cloud system. If you do have to replace your apps, make sure that you are aware of the differences in the new apps and prepare yourself for these differences.

Apps you use monthly:

For the apps that you use monthly, you can find a cloud-based replacement and transfer your data to it. Don’t worry too much about the differences since you’ll use these apps much less than the daily apps.

Apps you rarely use:

For these apps that you rarely use, consider staying local. Don’t go to the trouble of transferring all your data to cloud-based apps. Because you rarely use these apps, it’s not worth the effort!

Now that you have done your inventory, you’re ready to pick a date! Plan ahead and make sure that everyone in the office knows the date you are planning for. If your employees are informed about the company changes, they will be more likely to cooperate and adapt to the new systems more easily.

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