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Service Overview

Published under Call Centers,Inbound,Outbound,TCN Features on 11/06/2013

TCN has cloud auto dialer systems for sale. These auto dialer systems help you connect with anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. We help you pinpoint those that are interested in your message and make contact. Our livelihood is staked on our guaranteed service. Check out our website to find more information on any given service that we offer. https://www.tcnp3.com/home/

Here is a brief overview of our products and services.

Platform 3.0 – Our most advanced TCN’s Platform 3.0 (P3) introduces the most advanced Virtual Call Center suite to the call center marketplace. Maximize your right party connectivity with each attempt. P3 sets the standard for virtual call center optimization by employing proprietary algorithms and dialing logic with SIP/VoIP technology. This enables you to apply Interactive Voice Communication strategies that deliver high returns on your investment. Put P3 to the test!

Inbound – TCN Inbound enables clients to create automated script responses tied to any proprietary phone number. When a customer calls that phone number the automated message begins to play, providing the customer with any number of options or simple information.

Outbound – Predictive Dialer. The days of overpaying for quickly-obsolete hardware predictive dialers are over. For the first time ever, a fully web-based, no hardware/software, sub-second-connecting predictive dialer is available to any company with basic computers and an Internet connection.

Blended Inbound/Outbound – TCN offers a Virtual Call Center suite that provides predictive dialing, blended inbound/outbound campaigns, and Agent Gateway—enabling clients large and small to access world-class technology via a simple web site and secure log in.

Check out our website for more information. We are confident that we can help you work more efficiently and effectively.

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Due to Client Request, TCN Offers Manual Dial Only Platform TCPA

Published under Compliance,News,Press,TCN Features on 08/14/2013

St. George, Utah—In light of recent developments involving the TCPA, TCN is pleased to deliver additional services that meet the requests by its clients and the call center industry concerning the ability to contact customers via cell phones.

“TCN is proud to announce a separate Manual Dial Only platform for cell phones that is incapable of ‘predictive dialing’, that can only dial a number with human intervention, and that provides 100% call recording,” said Dave Bethers, VP of Sales at TCN. “This platform combines what our customers are looking for; the ability to follow regulatory restrictions, while maintaining the highest levels of agent performance, efficiency, and overall productivity.”

TCN has always led in call center technology and was one of the first cloud technologies to allow our clients to seamlessly identify cell phones and prohibit calls to be placed to those telephone numbers while continuing to dial landlines with full predictive dialer capability. With this new Manual Dial Only platform, TCN clients can take these identified cell phones and let their agents manually call them.

Some of TCN’s features are:

  • Cell phone scrub on the block assignments as well as scrubbing on ported landlines – as an authorized Neustar Reseller – updated on a daily basis.
  • Manual dialed calls on completely separate servers and call engines.
  • Agent manual confirmation/verification, allowing or even requiring call agents to manually type in the number before a call is placed.
  • Preview dialing enables agents to view the call history of the business or contact being dialed before connecting the call. It improves the quality of the customer interaction and keeps call agents on task.

To learn more about these and other features, and how you can take advantage of a free no obligation demo, please contact TCN at www.tcnp3.com or by calling 866.745.1900.

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Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConv

Published under Buzz,Collections,Debt,TCN Features on 07/15/2013

For those attending the #ACAConv 2013 ACA International Credit and Collections Conference in San Diego, this post is for you.

In most cases, your first contact with a debtor is your best chance to collect on the debt. For this reason, you should have the best agents and the tools necessary to make the most out of that initial contact. TCN can ensure that your efforts to collect are a success.

TCN Png Icons5 copy Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConvTCN Png Icons4 copy Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConvTCN Png Icons3 copy Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConvTCN Png Icons1 copy Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConvTCN Png Icons copy Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConvTCN Png Icon Collections Made Easy with TCN at the #ACAConv

TCN can provide your company with dialing services that will greet your customer with a courteous and professional pre-recorded message, or leave a message in their voice mail box. This dialing service can incorporate any necessary data pertaining to the debtor into the message. You may also give the customer options to make payments online or over the phone or even to set up payment arrangements. If the customer wishes to speak with a live representative, that can be accomplished with the push of a button. They will simply press a key and instantly be connected to an inbound call center representative. Continue Reading »

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CFPB Field Hearing on Debt Collection Practices

Published under Buzz,Compliance,TCN Features on 07/12/2013

Did you miss the CFPB live hearing? Check our the replay below:


If you have questions about how TCN’s Platform 3.0 Virtual Call Center Dialer can help you stay compliant with changing laws please call, email, or click to chat today to speak with a TCN representative.

Contact Us

Direct: 866.745.1900
Email: sales@tcnp3.com

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TCN: A Solution for Any Problem

Published under Call Center Solutions,Call Centers,News,TCN Features on 06/25/2013

TCN has a solution for any of your customer service needs.

Our services include:

Inbound Calling Solutions. From sales, order processing, billing and payments, or simply answering questions, you may be interested in inbound call solutions. Depending on your budget for services, these call centers can be set up within your company, offsite or even overseas to assist in handling the calls from your customers.

Outbound Calling Solutions. Outbound Call Centers provide a wide variety of benefits to your company. Outbound call centers allow your company to be proactive in selling products, collections, customer care, and much more. The call center department can be outsourced anywhere in the world, depending on your budget, or can be onsite if you choose.

Debt Collection Services. In most cases, your first contact with a debtor is your best chance to collect on the debt. For this reason, you should have the best agents and the tools necessary to make the most out of that initial contact. TCN can ensure that your efforts to collect are a success. TCN can provide your company with dialing services that can greet your customer with courteous and professional pre-recorded messages, or leave the message in their voice mail box. This dialing service can incorporate any necessary data pertaining to the debtor into the message. Continue Reading »

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TCN Live Chat Offers Customer Support in 5 Languages

Published under Buzz,Customer Service,News,Press,TCN Features on 05/14/2013

St. George, Utah—TCN, a leader for award winning customer support through its virtual call center solution suite, Platform 3, has added live chat to its services.

TCN released a live chat system on its website that offers clients instant communication with support staff in five languages with a response time of 60 seconds or less.

To fulfill its guarantee, TCN is properly staffed at all times to monitor the live chat and support all inquiries. Other options of reaching the customer support staff are by phone at 866-745-1900 or through email at service@tcnp3.com. Any service options available through these methods are also available through the live chat.

Along with its live chat, TCN has other traditional methods of reaching its support system from handling questions about services or troubleshooting other issues. This new 24/7 support is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German.

To use the live chat, simply expand the chat window at the bottom right corner of the screen and fill in the required fields. After completing the required fields, the client will be connected to TCN client support staff.

The term 24/7 has almost become a trite phrase from overuse and hyperbole, but at TCN, it’s a standard. With a global representation, turn-around time for projects, messages and other custom work is fast and reliable. To try the chat system, visit its website at www.TCNP3.com.

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Top IVR Choice for 2013

Published under Call Centers,IVR,News,TCN Features on 04/02/2013

TCN’s leading call center cloud technology – Platform 3 (P3) – offers intuitive templates and call flow wizards delivering quick configuration of even sophisticated IVR scripts that can be put into production in within minutes. Powerful scripting can implement customized voice recordings, menu presentation, and skills based routing options, including sub-second transfers to the next available agent utilizing a CTI integrated screen pop. Consumers can be directed to enter account information, self-validate, select language preference, be directed to URLs, connected with automated payment systems, or receive contact information or hours of operation and mailing address. Additionally, consumer information can be captured and stored for processing or enabling payment capture all by leveraging agentless interactions. Continue Reading »

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Voice Broadcasting As Part Of A Holistic Strategy

Published under Buzz,Call Centers,TCN Features on 01/09/2013

The best tip to keep in mind is that Voice Broadcasting is a tool and needs to be implemented as part of an overall treatment plan that includes (or at least considers) other tools such as manual dialing, preview dialing, predictive dialing and blended inbound. As each application has benefits and restrictions, agencies should consider a holistic treatment strategy or they may be shortchanging ROI.

Voice Broadcasting is a fantastic way to “cherry pick” early cycle accounts that just need a simple reminder call with the immediacy of linking to an agent for escalation/ payment. It is useful throughout the life cycle not only for the responsive accounts but also as a low cost way to let non-responding accounts know that the agent is not going away while ensuring that every record gets a call. It can also be executed “agent-less” to let debtors “selfcure”. Paced at a trickle or at full speed, a Voice Broadcasting campaign can create a healthy buzz on the collection floor by supplementing any workload with more “inbound calls” bringing very positive and noticeable results. Continue Reading »

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Proactive Compliance and Security Tools from TCN

Published under Buzz,News,Press,TCN Features on 12/17/2012

St. George, Utah—TCN Inc., global leader in virtual call center technology, announces the release of new compliance and security enhancements to its award-winning hosted call center technologies. Company CEO Terrel Bird states: “As the CFPB is and should be on most agencies’ minds, we continue to focus on delivering compliance and security tools that proactively meet our clients’ needs while at the same time provide maximum operational efficiencies.”

A prime example of that mindset is the suite of Operational Statistics TCN has just released. Not only does the actionable dashboard allow a snapshot of ten new real-time KPI’s, it also provides a comprehensive audit trail of all agent call flow in fifteen-minute increments. Call centers using this cloud-based technology enjoy an edge in agent efficiency while maintaining and documenting regulatory compliance. Continue Reading »

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Hosted Call Center Pioneer adds a Trio of Innovative Efficiency Tools

Published under Buzz,Call Centers,News,Press,TCN Features on 12/03/2012

St. George, Utah—In keeping with their long tradition providing consistent value through innovation, TCN Inc. announces the release of exciting new features to enhance call center efficiency.

Designed to maximize productivity, Campaign Linking takes the guesswork out of scheduling outbound calling campaigns, ensuring no downtime between them. Agents remain productive as they seamlessly move from the end of one campaign to the start of the next, eliminating time lost to schedule resets, and reallocation of focus and resources. And managers stay fixated on evaluating and improving overall performance instead of schedule changes. “In one instance,” says Terrel Bird, CEO of TCN Inc., “an agency running 5 daily campaigns with 35 agents is able to eliminate more than 20 lost FTE hours each day.” Continue Reading »

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