Workforce Optimization

TCN’s advanced, agent-level customizable reporting provides you with real-time data with which to measure agent performance and productivity. Time-of-day and day-of-week reports break down portfolio productivity into simple charts. This information greatly assists workforce management by suggesting optimal staffing levels and times. It also simplifies agent accountability and helps managers retain productive agents while identifying those that need improvement, all leading to increased efficiency.

Increase Efficiency

  • The Right Number of Agents
  • Steady Occupancy
  • Minimized Overtime
  • Accurate Forecasts of Traffic Volume
  • Low Abandon Rates
  • Change Management

Capture and Analyzes Customer Interactions

Analyze your agents’ performance in interacting with customers by capturing their voice conversations. This information is essential to evaluate customer satisfaction and improve employee performance.

Target and Improve Key Performance Indicators

Receive insight into agent activities and real-time alerts when agents exceed thresholds. And by tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), every member of your organization stays focused on goals, understands their personal role and accountability, and works together toward common success.

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Discover the Root Cause of Customer and Employee Behavior

Customers contact your organization every day and tell you what they like and dislike about your business. These interactions provide valuable feedback for your organization and employees. Through workforce optimization and systematic assessment, you can uncover what drives customer behavior as well as any concerns about your employees and processes.

Create Optimal Schedules for Your Call Center

Automatically creating agent schedules that account for work preferences, skill levels, and forecasted call volumes.

Automatically Collect Historical Data

By collecting inbound and outbound dialer historical dates from your ACD you can better align resources needed and calling patterns to keep your labor costs to a minimum.

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“The benefits of TCN’s reporting system has streamlined and enhanced the efficiency of our call center to levels we never dreamed possible.”

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