Nov 26, 2015

How to Easily Automate Event Notifications with Call Center Software

Posted In : Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, Cloud Technology
Author: Jon McDonald

Picture this: Your business is booming, and you have some great news you want to share with your customer base. This can include anything from a giant sale next week to a new product launch or a cool contest to reward your current customers. All of these things are great opportunities to connect with current and potential customers, but they…
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Nov 19, 2015

TCN’s Assistive Technology Helps Junior Blind of America Students Gain Contact Center Skills and Secure Employment

Posted In : News, Press, VocalVision
Author: TCN

St. George, Utah – November 19, 2015 TCN, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs, and collection agencies worldwide, celebrates the success of its ongoing partnership with Junior Blind of America, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children, youth and adults reach their greatest potential. Through the partnership, established in July 2014, Junior…
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Nov 17, 2015

The Rise of VoIP with Remote Agencies

Posted In : Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, Cloud Technology, VOIP
Author: Mckay Bird

Telecommuting and remote offices are on the rise and will likely continue to grow in popularity as technology that makes it easier and easier to remain in touch with coworkers improves. Currently more than three million U.S. workers work remotely at least part of the time. Workers enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working away from the office, while employers…
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Nov 12, 2015

Put Outbound Service Calls on Cruise Control

Posted In : Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, Cloud Technology, News
Author: Mckay Bird

With TCN powering your outbound call center, automated calling can be easier than ever before. Uploading, recording, and sending can be accomplished in just three simple steps. TCN’s automated dialing and interactive messaging system can complete calls regarding payment processing, account upgrades, classified renewals, emergency notifications, and more. Here are a few examples of the different types of organizations using…
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Nov 11, 2015

TCN Awarded 2015 Unified Communications Excellence Award

Posted In : Awards, News, Press
Author: TCN

St. George, UT, November 11, 2015 — TCN, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide, announced today that TMC, a global, integrated media company, has named its flagship product, Platform 3.0, as a recipient of the 2015 Unified Communications Excellence Award presented by Internet Telephony magazine. TCN Platform 3.0…
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Nov 10, 2015

Common Call Center Compliance Traps (And How to Avoid Them!)

Compliance with industry regulations and guidelines is vital for call centers. Because call centers can be all over the world, they can be difficult to manage and ensure that every call center is working in a consistent, compliant fashion. With so many calls being made and received and so many transactions or conversations being held through call centers, there are…
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Oct 29, 2015

Is VoIP Telephony the Solution for Your SMB?

Posted In : Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, Cloud Technology, VOIP
Author: Mckay Bird

For most small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) looking at telephony solutions, there can be many questions about whether to choose a traditional system or one that runs on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Business owners must often weigh the benefits and potential challenges of VoIP against the perceived stability and history of traditional systems. Let’s take a look at some…
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SIP trunking VOIP

Oct 27, 2015

Streamlining Your VoIP Communications with SIP Trunking

Posted In : Adam Dummar, Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, VOIP
Author: Adam Dummar

It wasn’t too long ago that businesses replacing their traditional telephony service with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) were viewed as reckless. The telephone was seen as too essential and too sacred to simply be handed over to the unmoored zeroes and ones zipping about the uncharted waters of the Internet. Fast forward a decade or two, and those who…
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