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Jul 02, 2013

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Customer service is defined as the ability to provide service to your customers before, during and after a sale. If your business’ priorities include assisting your customers with sales, order processing, billing and payments, or simply answering questions, you may need to improve or expand your customer service department. Depending on the needs of your company and budget for services, we can set up automated customer support services for customers when contacting your company.

Professionally trained customer service personnel provide a variety of benefits to your business. The benefits include customer satisfaction, flexibility, and profit. This is accomplished through follow up calls or support for your customers, being informed, courteous and helpful, and providing a way for people who may not have otherwise known your company existed, to learn about your products and services and have the opportunity to make a purchase or take advantage of the services you offer.

Your business would be supported by skilled staff who are carefully selected and extensively trained. It has been proven that unhappy customers can be damaging to a business; and that customers who are treated well will be more likely to continue shopping with you and recommend your product or service to their friends and family. Your customers will love to be greeted by polite, professional staff who display expertise in the field of customer service. You may even request bilingual representatives to make sure all of your customers have the opportunity to be assisted.

The possibilities are endless with TCN’s customer service solutions. TCN can provide professionally recorded messages based upon a script you provide. Customers can also link into the call center by simply touching a number key. Your company may want feedback on your customers’ experience with your business. To accomplish this, TCN can also create surveys for your customers to complete over the phone, with the customers’ responses determining the flow and order of the questions they receive. You also have the option of scheduling your system to call customers after making a purchase or receiving service from your company, to follow up on their experience.

Your customers deserve the best in service. Consider all of professional customer service support through TCN for your business. If you are looking to take your business to the next level by providing excellent customer service by qualified, professional, quality representatives. Want more information? Call us today for a free demonstration and free minutes to test our services. There is no obligation.

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