Apr 27, 2017

TCN and ACDBA: Partners in Excellence for the Debt Collection Industry

Posted In: Collections, Debt Author: L. Tiatia

In March 2017, TCN rejoined the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association (ACDBA) for the organization’s annual forum. The forum covers updates and trends in the debt collection industry, as well as best practices for agencies, companies, and individuals working within it. To that end, ACDBA promotes its Code of Practice and Code Compliance Monitoring […]

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Apr 24, 2017

Five Award-Winning Features of TCN Platform 3.0

Posted In: Business Intelligence, Compliance, TCN Features, VocalRx Author: Mckay Bird

Every year, the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global, integrated media company, awards the best of the best in teleservices, customer relationship management (CRM), and call centers. TCN gladly received one such award, the 2017 CUSTOMER Product of the Year. The award recognizes TCN’s efforts to improve the call center, which, in turn, enhance communications […]

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Apr 18, 2017

TCN Unveils the “State of the Collections Industry” Report, Uncovering Technology Trends, Compliance Challenges and Future Outlook

Posted In: Collections, News, Press, TCPA Author: TCN

St. George, Utah – April 18, 2017 – TCN, Inc.,a leading provider of cloud-based call center technology for enterprises, contact centers, BPOs and collection agencies worldwide, today announced the results of its “State of the Collections Industry” report, which reveals the collection industry executives’ views on technology, communications, regulations and future outlook. With the goal […]

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call center customer service

Apr 17, 2017

5 Ways to Guarantee Success in the Customer Service Call Center

Posted In: Call Centers, Customer Service Author: Mckay Bird

With the high price of understaffing—like missing service level targets, high agent turnover, and more— customer service call centers often feel pressured to hire more agents or to increase the number of assigned shift hours. But size is no guarantee of success. A call center agency or department boasting filled seats doesn’t always translate into […]

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Apr 14, 2017

Why Scalability is Important for Your Call Center

Posted In: Call Center Solutions, Call Centers, Cloud Technology, cloud-based, News, Scalability Author: Kerry Sherman

Scalability tends to surface in conversations about the cloud and cloud-based technologies like TCN’s VoIP call center platform. Unfortunately, the word often serves as a signifier of “smartness” rather than a concrete term. To help you understand what scalability really means and why it matters, we explore some definitions, a bit of history, and a […]

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call center agent efficiency

Apr 13, 2017

10 Inbound Customer Service Trends to Watch in 2017

Posted In: Customer Service, News Author: Mckay Bird

According to Accenture’s “Customer 202: Are You Future-Ready or Reliving the Past?,” consumers are and will become increasingly “nonstop.” That is, “the rise of digital has given consumers many more options for interacting with companies they patronize. But companies have been slow to recognize when and how these channels fit the preferences of different groups […]

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call center agent efficiency

Apr 07, 2017

Happy Call Center Agents are TCPA Compliant Agents

Posted In: Agent Efficiency, Compliance, TCPA Author: Mckay Bird

Call center rules and regulations for agents sometimes feel like a list of “thou shalt not’s.” Managers receive directives from federal and state governments. They, in turn, command call center agents to avoid certain practices and adhere to guidelines found within the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the Health Insurance Portability and Protection Act (HIPAA), […]

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Apr 06, 2017

Lawn Care Made Simple

Posted In: cloud-based, SaaS Author: TCN

Automating Your Customer Connections with TCN No matter your business or message, you want to get the word out about what you do. Hundreds of lawn care companies are saving time and money by automating their calls. Let TCN help your business automate communication with your customers. With TCN powering your outbound call center, automated […]

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increase agent productivity

Apr 03, 2017

Five Takeaways from ACA International Spring Forum and Expo

Posted In: ACA, Agent Efficiency, Call Centers, cloud-based, Compliance, TCPA Author: Mckay Bird

Our Executive Account Manager Mike Gray recently attended the ACA International Spring Forum and Expo in Las Vegas. He came back with all sorts of ideas gleaned from the forum’s keynotes and breakout sessions. He also returned with some takeaways. A few were surprises. Others were expected. Regardless, all affect call center operations specifically and […]

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Apr 01, 2017

Just testing

Posted In: News, Uncategorized Author: TCN

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